Travel Safety in South Africa

So you’re planning to travel to South Africa and you have heard some negative news in the media with regard to the travel safety in South Africa, so Let’s get all that nitty gritty’s out of the way and help you with some information to assist you travels during the holidays. It is a scary feeling to be in a foreign country and we stuck in a difficult situation not know what to do next.

South Africa is a diverse culture rich country which comes with upper class, middle class, and majority of poverty-stricken informal areas within all the Towns of South Africa and most of these areas are recommended only through day tours and its always recommended to travel with a local tour operator.

I have listed below a few key precautions for travel safety in South Africa

Precaution is Key

In everything we do these days its always done with precaution so too is travelling and with some sensibility and taking precautions, you will be safe.

  • Research the areas you are going to visit before you arrive, and pre-book your accommodation before arrival
  • don’t carry too much cash on you while travelling
  • be aware of your surroundings (pickpocketing can happen especially in the cities and crowded places)
  • Book your flights to arrive in the day time so you can make your way to your hotel and settle in safely
  • Use reliable transport companies for airport shuttles/transfers
  • take out medical travel insurance
  • don’t wear expensive flashy jewellery.
  • Be sure to get a vaccine for malaria if you plan on touring malaria-stricken areas or check with your agent which vaccines you require as it will depend on the area you will be travelling to.

Travel Documents

Before you leave home to make sure all your travel documents are in order, such as passports, visas and birth certificates. Please also have certified copies of your passports, birth certificates, visa and banking cards in case of an emergency. It is also important to leave certified copies at home with a family member or close friend.

Road regulations

If you plan on doing a self-drive while on holiday then always obey the South African road law & speed limits. In South Africa, we drive on the left side so keep that in mind while driving as you can cause a fatal accident when you end up driving on the wrong side.

Weather forecast

South Africa experience warm weather during November through to mid-March and starts cooling down from March as Autumn kicks in June to August is our coldest months and spring moves in from September with the frosty morning and the cool to warm days. Cape Town is great most of the year but best during summer months since there are so many outdoor activities to be done. If you look to visit the Kruger, Winter months are great for sighting the big five. A city like Durban has humid weather and its also a great place for during winter. Whichever route you choose to visit be sure to come prepared for any weather changes since mother nature is unpredictable.

Enjoy your Adventure

All said the most important thing is to enjoy your travel in South Africa because there are so much more good to experience! It’s important to be cautious but let that not spoil you will to adventure in South Africa!

Book a City Tour, spend time on the beach or visit all the beaches, book a hike with a local, bungee jump on the garden route, paraglide off signal hill in cape town. Do a Kruger Safari and spot the big 5, drive the panorama route via Mpumalanga.

Important contact numbers:

Emergency – National (10111)

Emergency – Cell phone (112)

Emergency – Ambulance (10177)


Heres to having a safe and enjoyable journey!


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